In the first edition of
High Tide on Main Street

Oceanographer, John Englander predicted 2012’s Hurricane Sandy with stunning accuracy. Since then, leading experts in every field have sought Englander’s advice on rising sea levels around the world.

Now in this updated edition, Englander is
predicting the next devastating effects of climate change and rising sea levels around the world.

You’ll also hear in plain English why sea levels will rise over the next 50 years — and what this coming coastal crisis means for you.

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flooded coastal city

  • The Scientific Proof that the Ocean Will Rise for the Next 1,000 years.

    Why it’s happened before and it will happen again. Plus, what to expect as sea levels rise over the next 10, 20 and 50 years. (Pages 37 - 47)

  • The New “Beachfront Property:”

    How far inland shorelines will creep in the United States and around the world — and what cities are most at risk of disappearing as the waters rise. (Pages 117 - 139)

  • Why the Melting Arctic Ice-cap Does NOT Cause Rising Sea Levels:

    At least not directly. Also, you’ll discover why an ice-free Arctic and disappearing ice shelves in Antarctica will lead to unimaginable consequences in the decades ahead.
    (Pages 51 - 64)

  • Think You're Safe Because You Don't Live on the Beach? Think Again:

    Discover why cities as far as 80 miles away from coastlines can still go underwater when sea levels rise... including some of the last cities you would ever expect to be at risk.
    (Page 123)

  • The Single Most Important Thing to Understand About Climate Change:

    You’ll see why a 500 million year history of sea level rise is working against us — and why a little-known fact about rising CO2 levels makes the stakes that much higher.
    (Pages 8 and 39)

  • Warning! Two Wild Cards to Watch Out for:

    Meet the two wild cards in nature that could trigger catastrophic sea level rise. Find out exactly what these tipping points are, and what these two wild cards mean for the long-term. (Pages 56 - 60 and 96 - 97)

  • Confusing Facts, Half-Truths, and Flat-Out Lies Explained:

    Separate the facts from fiction about the melting polar ice caps, CO2 changes, extreme weather, and other surprising forces that all play a part in rising sea levels around the world. (Pages 49 - 101)

  • Why the “Storms of the Century” Are the New Normal:

    Discover how storm surges, devastating category 4 and 5 hurricanes, and other natural catastrophes are becoming commonplace, thanks to warmer temperatures.
    (Pages 107 - 116)

Flooded house for sale due to sea level rise

  • When Your Property Goes Underwater:

    Some of the world’s most expensive real estate sits on the world’s coasts. Find out exactly what the risks are of keeping your water-front property for the long-term. (Pages 141 - 150)

  • What Intelligent Adaptation Really Means:

    Find out what you can do right now to prepare for rising sea levels. That includes investing wisely to take advantage of devaluing property and other hidden investment opportunities. Plus, 5 different ways businesses, individuals and whole communities can start adapting to this new reality. (Pages 162 - 164)

  • Plus, a New Introduction from the Governor of New Jersey:

    In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, former Governor Christine Todd Whitman describes the devastation that hit her home state just one week after the first edition of High Tide on Main Street predicted that very disaster could happen.
    (Page XI)

Don't wait, find out how to be prepared.

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