High Tide On Main Street

John Englander, author of HIGH TIDE ON MAIN STREET, published October 22, 2012. Sea Level has risen more than a foot in the last century...  It continues to accelerate and is now rising at the fastest ANNUAL rate in Earth's history. 

High Tide is coming to Main Street, and we can't stop it. 

John Englander's new book,  HIGH TIDE ON MAIN STREET, explains exactly how Sea Level Rise (SLR) will irrevocably impact the coastal areas we live and work in. 

When your property will go underwater.  First in a storm, then simply slip into the sea. How coastal communities are beginning to feel a huge impact today. 

HTOMS accurately described the damage to New York City, a week before Superstorm Sandy hit.  "Sandy" was a perfect example of how SLR is directly affecting us now, and why these events will only get worse. 

SLR is a real and pressing concern for all coastal communities.   Democratic and Republican political diatribes about climate change won't affect sea level at all.  And posturing by Washington politicians can't stop it.   Order HTOMS today, get the facts, and learn how sea level rise will affect all coastal areas - much sooner than you think.

John Englander: Author of High Tide On Main Street

John Englander is an oceanographer, geologist, and explorer who specializes in Sea Level Rise (SLR).  His goal with HIGH TIDE ON MAIN STREET is to explain (in non-scientific terms) exactly what SLR is and how it has occurred for millions of years.  Next, John then examines the economic and geographic impacts of SLR in this century - as High Tide hits Main Street.  While we can't stop sea level rise, we can intelligently adapt our coastal communities to prepare for the coming coastal crisis.

2nd Edition NOW AVAILABLE!

High Tide On Main Street, John Englander's new book on Sea Level Rise (SLR)

"If you own coastal property or know someone who does, you better read this now! The time coastal property values start collapsing is nigh."
Joseph Romm, Editor, ClimateProgress.org
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